Pändy Foods provides products that are the perfect low sugar and high protein snack for the consumer that seek guilt-free indulgence.


2015 Start - In a kitchen in Stockholm, three engineering students with a vision of creating healthier snacks started working on the first recipe.

2016 Launch - First two jelly products launched in Sweden at Fitnessgalan with great success. Huge international interest led to immediate expansion into three additional markets in Europe.

2017 Addition - Two additional flavors added to the jelly collection and release of a chocolate line with three different flavors. Further expansion into seven additional markets.

2018 Growth - With our vision always in mind we’ve successfully developed a wide range of 13 delicious and healthy products, including the very popular Protein Bars. With distribution to more than 15 markets around the world the journey to offer healthier snacks to everyone continues!

Pändy Foods Keywords


We believe that candy and snacks can and should be part of a healthy lifestyle.


Smiles and laughs are what we at Pändy are all about!


We firmly believe that you should be able to treat yourself every day!


Enjoying sweets without feeling guilt should be a matter of course.